Member Registration

Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Inc. (ASBV), a not-for-profit organization, was established in 1996 to promote Theravada Buddhism and has gradually turned out to be the solitary community hub representing the culturally diverse Sri Lankans in South Australia.

We are dedicated to uphold the welfare of all living beings and to promote peace and harmony among all people in accordance with the teachings of the Lord Buddha. We seek your generous support to achieve these objectives.

The ASBV is maintained with the generosity and dedication of its members. If you are not already a member, you can become one by completing the section below and returning it to the Vihara (via Email, Post or in person).

A copy of the constitution of “Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Incorporated” is available on the ASBV website for your perusal.

Please Note:
  • Although the minimum membership fee is $15 per month, higher donations (e.g. $ 10 per week/fortnight) are most welcome.
  • Membership fee can be paid on a monthly basis or in multiple of months.
  • Membership Fees and Donations may be made by bank transfers, cheques or in cash. Cheques must be drawn in favour of "Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Inc" and may be posted to the Vihara or deposited in the donation box.
  • For your convenience following are the bank account details of the temple. Please credit your subscriptions/donations to this account with your Surname and Membership Number ( for example: Perera 126)
    • Account Name: Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Inc.
    • Bank: - Westpac Bank – Mitcham
    • BSB : 035044, A/C No : 129463
User Account and Data Deletion

Respective member must send an account deletion request to and ASBV management will guide you with this process this process can take up to 5 business days, however, your member identification number and email address can not be deleted. this information will be used to keep your records of previous donations, and membership payment information